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6 Important Tips When Dealing With a Manufacturing Vendor/Contractor

When you’re working in the often cut-throat apparel industry, knowing who you can trust professionally is crucial. If you’re looking to manufactor goods through a vendor or contractor and want to ensure that you’re doing everything that you can to protect yourself and get the quality product you aim for, here are some pointers to help you conduct your business as a professional:

#1. Be clear on the due date

Since a due date is arguably the most important detail to have clear, make sure it's, well, clear. This means both communicating the deadline to the manufacturing contractor with enough notice and also having them confirm that they understand the deadline and that they’ll be able to make it.

#2. Be upfront about asking for the costs

Everything has a cost to it. You’ll want to get specific detail on the final cost of production prior to signing the contract.

#3. Workout payment terms beforehand

Before anyone does anything, make sure all of the payment terms are organized and itemized. This takes a lot of the uncomfortable financial parts out of the actual in-progress process itself.

#4. Get a feel for their work ethics

You’ll want to take a moment and get a feel for how they conduct their work and treat their employees. Are you financially supporting an ethical contractor or not? This is something you have the right to know and verify.

#5. Ask for a sample and give them feedback

Always ask for a sample of the product before they produce the entire collection for you. It can help identify any miscommunications and save an expensive mistake down the line. Point out clearly any concerns or dissatisfactions and make sure they are corrected before production of the item commences.

#6. Get everything in writing

This is one of the steps that often catches newbies. You’ll want to make sure that all of the details (from ethics to price to deadline) are all in writing and legally signed so that they are binding on both sides. A complete contract is the pillar that you can lean on if anything goes wrong with production or deadlines.

Still not sure you’ve got a full picture, or looking for a more personalized approach to deal with your manufacturing contractors? Contact us for a professional consultation and all of the necessary forms so that you can take the right approach as you start your business.


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