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Apparel companies are in constant need of creative innovation, accurate timeline management and profitability to drive growth.

Hiring permanent talent to assist in the creative and development process can sometimes be a challenge.

When your company needs advisory services or temporary collaborations from experienced specialists, Fashion Design Consulting will provide you the needed support.

Our services, tailored to your company’s needs, can bridge the gaps between conducting research and developing a new product to help you maximize on growth and profitability.

We will help you achieve systematic results at various levels of your product creation and development cycle.

Our services are confidential with non-compete and non-disclose contracts.

Contact us to know how we can assist you.


  • Design & Merchandising

  • Styling & Presentation

  • Costing & Pricing


  • Pre-production planning

  • Managing duplicates timeline

  • Production planning & timeline


For all inquires please get in touch with us:

  • By filling-up and submitting the form


Canada: Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver


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